Accounting Services for Law Firms


Would you like to increase your firms’ revenue?

How about increase your personal wealth?

Does this revenue model sound familiar?

Number of Fee Earners x Available Hours per Fee Earner x Productivity Percentage x Recovery Rate = Revenue

If this is your model, you’re not alone.

We refer to this hours based revenue model as “Squeezing the Orange”, where a firm tries to improve profitability on efficiency gains and by attempting ad hoc sales and marketing activity.

The problem with this is you can only “Squeeze the Orange” until it runs out of juice.

With our experience and understanding we have created a strategy to overcome ‘Squeezing the Orange’ dry.

We are an established service provider within the legal industry. Our services extend beyond standard compliance and we work closely with you to improve the financial performance of your firm and maximise your personal wealth.

in order for your firm to be a success you need to ensure you have:

  • defined and developed your personal and business goals;
  • a business that is focused on achieving these objectives;
  • an action plan to drive growth and achieve results in your firm;
  • a plan that gives you time to work on your firm so you can choose when to work in it;
  • a culture within your firm to ensure all team members understand and are committed to a common business vision.

Do you know if your cash is flowing? We have some tips on how to reduce the cash gap in your firm, in turn improving your firms’ cash flow.

Download your free Profit & Cash Flow Analysis with our Law Firm Specialist Matt Schlyder. In your one-on-one consultation with Matt, you will explore what is possible using your numbers. So give us a call today on 07 3833 3999 to set up your appointment.

In the meantime, check out our Law section of the blog filled with articles all related to improving the profit and cash flow in your firm.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you maximise your firms full potential contact Matt Schlyder on 07 3833 3999 or [email protected]


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