step 1. goals and objectives

We have included a whitepaper on each of the Financially Well Organised Steps, as well as a whitepaper on each of the 5 Drivers to Business Success. Click under the description of each to download.

Goals and objectives PDF

step 2. estate plan

“What will happen when I’m gone?” Only assets owned in your own name are covered by your Will. Your Estate Plan protects your family from the potential threats that your Will does not.

Estate Plan PDF

step 3. risk plan

Your Risk Plan addresses whether you need to save or insure to protect your family’s financial security in the event of an injury, accident or death.

Risk Plan PDF

step 4. asset protection plan

An Asset Protection Plan makes sure your assets are owned in the right names or entities so you limit the risk of them being exposed to credito

Asset Protection Plan PDF

step 5. tax plan

A Tax Plan structures your affairs so that you legally pay the least amount of tax and retain more of your income.

Tax Plan PDF

step 6. debt plan

A Debt Plan ensures your assets aren’t over exposed to debt and structures your debt to maximise tax deductibility of the interest.

Debt Plan PDF

step 7. retirement plan

Retirement is setting the date when you can choose to stop work. Your Retirement Plan details the income and assets you need (in addition to superannuation) to retire and outlines the steps to get there.

Retirement Plan Whitepaper

Retirement Plan PDF

step 8 a. business plan – overview & driver 1

Your business is the main source of your wealth. The 5 Drivers to Business Success are the key to developing a business which will help you achieve your goals. Read about Driver 1 here.

Business Plan Overview PDF

step 8 b. business plan – driver 2

The second driver to business success: Organisational Responsibility.

Business Plan – Driver 2 PDF

step 8 c. business plan – driver 3

The third driver to business success: Financial Management Systems.

Business Plan – Driver 3 PDF

step 8 d. business plan – driver 4

The fourth driver to business success: Revenue Strategy.

Business Plan – Driver 4  PDF

step 8 e. business plan – driver 5

The 5th Driver of Business Success: Leadership

Business Plan – Driver 5 PDF

step 9. superannuation plan

Many people miss out on the enormous tax benefits of superannuation. A Superannuation Plan will ensure you have a strategy to produce greater wealth at retirement.

Superannuation Plan PDF

step 10. investment plan

An Investment Plan will increase your asset base, while focusing on preserving your capital and managing your risks, to meet your personal and financial goals.

Investment Plan PDF


Grow Your Law Firm – Incorporating Your Legal Firm

There are many options available now for structuring legal practices, and there are advantages and disadvantages for each structure.


GYLF_Incorporating Your Legal Firm PDF