Are You Financially Well Organised?



Complete our simple FWO Assessment below to find out how Financially Well Organised you are.

A pdf report of your results will be emailed to you immediately upon successful submission.

Simply rate yourself from 1 to 5, with 1 for ‘No/Not at all’ and for ‘Yes’.

1 = 0%:  I’m disorganised, I haven’t attended to this
2 = 25% organised: I have given this some thought, but haven’t acted on it, or maybe my current position is inadequate
3 = 50% organised: I am somewhat organised on this topic but I am out of date, or I need a significant review
4 = 75% organised: I have actively attended to implementing action plans to address this issue, but, I need to revisit them to ensure they are still relevant
5 = 100%: I’m Financially Well Organised on this issue

For any questions that you deem ‘Not applicable’, choose a rating of 3.

If you do not own a business, simply answer all the questions in the Business Plan section with a 3.