Profit Improvement


Profit is what is left over after you have paid all your expenses. In other words, profit is a residual. It is the consequence of what happens in and to your business.

Some of these things are within your control and some of them are outside your control, if you are going to have any effect on your profit you have to focus on those things over which you have control.

FWO Chartered Accountants works with you to continuously monitor and measure the drivers that impact on your bottom line.

To improve performance and increase profitability you need to balance your approach and manage the ‘big picture’.

FWO Chartered Accountants works with you to enhance your business performance in the following areas:

  • Strategy development and action;
  • Profitability analysis and improvement;
  • Operational planning;
  • Financial budgeting and modelling;
  • Change management and continuous improvement;
  • KPI and trend analysis;
  • Business process improvement.

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