1. Goals & Objectives


What are your wants and desires?  Exotic holidays, a luxury boat, house by the beach, early retirement living in absolute comfort and financial security?

Your goals can be anything you want them to be, as long as you’re clear on what they are and whether you’re being realistic. Setting your goals and objectives is the first step on the road to becoming Financially Well Organised.

Personal as well as financial goals should be included. Don’t think of them as two separate lists but one. That’s because at FWO Chartered Accountants, we believe it’s important to align your financial goals with your personal ones.

To do this, work out what your personal goals are and determine if you need more money to achieve them. Then work out the quickest way to get the money you need. How? By developing a strategy and then focus on achieving it, but all the while ensuring you’re achieving your other personal goals along the way.

You might be thinking ‘It’s not as simple as that’. You may be right, but it’s a lot easier to achieve if you know where you’re heading. And FWO Chartered Accountants can guide you along the way.

For tips and checklists on setting your goals and objectives, download our  Goals and Objectives paper or contact us.