Our Philosophy


At FWO Chartered Accountants we are passionate about guiding you on the journey to become Financially Well Organised and ensuring you achieve your goals.

We will help you plan your journey, decide how you will get to your destination and analyse what will happen along the way.

As your guide, we know you have better things to do than meet with numerous advisors to manage your affairs. Instead of having individual meetings with your accountant, lawyer, insurance broker, investment manager and financial planner, at FWO Chartered Accountants, we make sure everything is looked after for you. We do this because we are focused on helping you become Financially Well Organised.

To align with our passion of helping you become Financially Well Organised, we offer our clients a Fixed Fee Service.

We like to do things differently here at FWO Chartered Accountants.

That is why we have introduced our Fixed Fee Service. This service includes all of your standard accounting, taxation and compliance needs for a fixed fee.

The best part is, your Fixed Fee Service includes unlimited phone calls and emails, so you can get advice at any time without an additional fee.

We have implemented this service so the cost of your accounting work is spread over 12 months, this will help you budget effectively and plan your cash flow.

Your Fixed Fee Service will be designed to suit your needs, so what ever services you need will be included in your fixed price.

Here you can meet our team of Accountants who take care of our clients and guide them on their journey to becoming Financially Well Organised.